He’s wearing a breastplate–get it?

Posted Wed, 11/25/2009 by Dave

I was right! The turkey DID become equally grotesque! But it wasn’t for lack of trying, believe me. We went about eight different directions with our ideas for this comic and scripted out three of them–it just turned out that a freaky turkey comic was the best of the bunch.

As Joe pointed out to me when we were writing this comic, turkeys are pretty freaky to begin with. If by a stroke of historical fortune they were the national bird (if you don’t know about Ben Franklin’s attempt to make them such, look it up), our enemies would truly be afraid of our turkey-emblazoned gear. Thanksgiving would also be much less grand of an occasion–it’s hard to find a bald eagle that’s meaty enough to share with all your cousins and aunts and uncles.

Part of me can’t wait to see what eating this bad bird unlocks. Perhaps a decorative gravy fountain. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and see you back here Friday!

That one Turkey is wielding a Hal-Bird!

Posted Wed, 11/25/2009 by Joe

It’s a real shame that you don’t all have the opportunity to read Dave’s scripts. See, one big part of the creative cluster-f*ck that is the 4H Development Process is the Script, in which Dave takes whatever nebulous tidbits of hilarity we’ve been batting around all evening and coalesces them into something a bit more concrete. Here’s my favorite example from this week’s.

” A council of fiendish turkeys has convened to rescue their chief. They are armed (I’m not even sure how that’s possible.) and look very dangerous.”

Perhaps we can include some of these in a future book collection! You’d all buy a book collection….right?

Regardless, Happy Thanksgiving, all. I’m thankful that you all read and maybe even enjoy our strip.