Honest, I did this while sober

Posted Tue, 09/01/2009 by Dave in response to Dave’s Week Part 1

After one of the most artistically intense weeks on record, Joe got ill…or had lots of work…or needed a break…not entirely certain which one it was at the time (all are, at least between us, valid excuses). So I was given the chance to draw some comics (I should note I have no real artistic training or temperament in the slightest, but that almost surely goes without saying). I spent a bit of time on this, realized it made little sense to me and would certainly make even less sense to the reading populace…and sent it off to our editors anyway. The worst they could do was fire us, right?

And I helped!

Posted Tue, 09/01/2009 by Joe in response to Dave’s Week Part 1

Despite being “hands off” this week, I actually spent a good hour or two teaching Dave my current methods of editing the comic in Photoshop, how thick borders should be, which fonts belong to which characters, etc.