Conquest’s stock score: Buy!

Posted Wed, 5/19/2010 by Dave

We played a little bit fast and loose with this one–technically Husqvarna is now multiple companies rather than a single bitchin’ conglomerate, but that’s a distinction we’re willing to ignore for the sake of art. Besides, if the company in question has gone from musket manufacturing to building dirtbikes, lawnmowers and–I kid you not–remote controlled demolition robots, the amount of truth-stretching you need to do for the sake of comedy is small indeed.

Thanks, Jo-Anne Fabric

Posted Wed, 5/19/2010 by Joe

Today’s comic goes out to an old friend of mine who first pointed out that Husqvarna produced, seemingly paradoxically, both chainsaws and sewing machines. And so much more, apparently!

In out continued effort to educate our audience, here’s the Wiki pertaining to “The Lamest Potential Apocalypse Ever”