If you get magmamen, you’re doing it wrong

Posted Wed, 5/12/2010 by Dave

Yeah, two days later and Dwarf Fortress has consumed me completely. Most of my waking thoughts concern how to make my charcoal production more efficient, trickling down productivity to my iron bars at the smelter next door. Or how to reorganize my stockpiles to speed construction of an elaborate defensive keep. Or how to brew more beer–these dwarves go through booze like it’s water. And then they have trouble going water because I haven’t yet provided them with a convenient indoor well.

You can see how this is one of those games that puts the player but a stone’s throw from madness. It’s like SimCity. I’d write more but I have to make more barrels so they can actually put the booze somewhere.

Hopefully I’ll see you on Friday. If there’s no comic, blame the dorfs.