…a fifty gallon drum of bug spray…

Posted Sat, 10/17/2009 by Dave

This arc holds a special place in my heart, for reasons that might be damaging to certain parties if I was entirely forthcoming. So let’s talk about other stuff.

I’ve often given thought to where exactly Conquest gets all the money he needs for his schemes, since so many of them seem to go bust. I think there’s a couple of explanations possible.
1. Most of his scheming actually pays off, and some of it pays off well enough that he does better than break even. So he can afford the crazy ones he knows will be amusing but will eventually lose money. After all, we never said that his Meatspace venture was a failure, did we? For all we know in this little universe he’s the number one online merchant for holiday-season delivery sausage ensembles.
2. Because the Horsemen are something like immortal entities, Conquest has been very prudent about amassing wealth early in the ages and then carefully shepherding it down the centuries. He probably has collections of rare coins or something that he can tap for a bit of wealth whenever he needs it, as well as Inca gold, uncut diamonds, rare manuscripts, authenticated Stradivarius instruments, etc.

So the cost of some varnish and a dehumidifier is really chump change. They don’t call him Conquest for nothing!