Oh, Dad! You should have raised her as a cleric.

Posted Sun, 09/13/2009 by Dave in response to Dating Death

Oddly, the first set of parents we see is Enigma’s…and we liked them enough we brought them back for a repeat appearance later in the semester! Also fairly bawdy, as far as our comics go (note: my standards of what is and is not bawdy are firmly lodged in the 19th century).

Is it just me, or does Enigma’s dad look a little like Commissioner Gordon?

Oh, Mom…

Posted Sun, 09/13/2009 by Joe in response to Dating Death

Fun notes on this one! Enigma is wearing a ninja shirt from… some site that I no longer recall, but was pretty awesome. Additionally, Enigma’s parents are based off of my own. Hopefully they’ll never read this / catch on.