When I go out, I play in the street

Posted Mon, 11/16/2009 by Dave

For those of you who are concerned for Pestilence’s well being, don’t worry–he’s shown before that he has an ability to reassemble himself when dissolved or otherwise splattered.

As you may have noticed today, and will certainly notice on Wednesday, this week’s comics are a little different writing-wise. They’re going to be very dialogue light! This follows some feedback from our friend, former fellow Wahoo/Brown College denizen, and pretty darn talented if-I-do-say-so-myself friend John McNamee (author/artist of Pie, which like us was a former Cavalier Daily feature.)

So, get set for more visual gags…probably not all as gruesome as this one though I make no promises.

On Balls.

Posted Mon, 11/16/2009 by Joe

I always love to hear when our readers pick up on the little visual easter eggs I try to sprinkle liberally into the strip. I personally blame Dave Gibbons’ amazing details in Watchmen for that particular impulse.

This is the first appearance of the 4^2 ball post-Cavalier Daily, but by no means its genesis. It’s featured prominently in both of Ted’s profiles, as well as one of the treasures discovered during last year’s Spring Cleaning. Hm… if the Four Square fad ever re-emerges, we could have a nice piece of merchandise on our hands.