Award lightsabers instead of diplomas!

Posted Sat, 08/15/2009 by Dave in response to Thanks, TJ

Ah, a rare display of athletic-oriented boosterism from us! Based on the subject matter, I believe this must have been written and illustrated shortly after an upset against ACC rival Georgia Tech.

Some background concerning the characters involved, since you’ll see them again–the University of Virginia was founded by Thomas Jefferson, in what he considered to be one of his greatest contributions to the nation. The statue of Jefferson depicted here stands in the Rotunda, the central edifice on grounds at UVa, and its most recognizable landmark. Virginia’s sports teams are the Cavaliers, its mascot is known as “Cav-Man.” A “Cav-Man” doppelganger rides mounted onto the field during each pregame to rile up the audience, though his saber is not made of light.