Extreme Lepidoptery

Posted Wed, 10/21/2009 by Dave

Finally, we show it–Death, at work, for real. It’s ground that’s been broken by pretty much everyone who uses Death as a character–that we resisted the temptation for a couple hundred strips impresses me. Perhaps this is in an unconscious way an Homage to the Death of Discworld, who doesn’t show up in person for every death, but always appears for wizards. Perhaps if you die in a particularly awesome way while exploring the wild and furthering man’s knowledge about what a badass nature is, TR’s there to greet you on the other side. If that were true, heck, I’d be out in the Amazon right this minute.

Actually, I recommend going and reading up on TR if you have the time–even if you think you know a bit about him. The man was absolutely fascinating–truly larger than life. The entire “taking a bullet to the chest and then giving a 90 minute speech” thing wasn’t just an exceptional moment, it was completely in character with how the man was. That, to me, is mind blowing.

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Eat your heart out, Kate

Posted Wed, 10/21/2009 by Joe

Having been a National Academic Games League “Presidents” champion a few times in the past, I can agree with Dave’s assessment of Teddy’s extremely high power level. This is an opinion also shared by one of my artistic heroes, Adam Warren. In one of his Dirty Pair comics, he included THIS historically accurate depiction of T.R. at work.