Let ’em down easy, War

Posted Mon, 10/19/2009 by Dave

You may remember War’s stint as a history teacher at Greenwood Elementary in one of his previous appearances as “Your Sub, Mr. War.”

I have to wonder where exactly they hired him from. Did he wow them in the interview with his knowledge of American History, without raising any of the warning flags that seem to have plagued his teaching career thus far? Perhaps at a higher education level (say, high school) he’d give the kids just the facts, perhaps with a bit of patriotic embellishment, but in elementary school, what are the kids going to retain anyway? Most of what I remember of elementary school is a couple of advanced research projects I did and my inability to do long division.

Maybe the Greenwood Elementary school board should thank its lucky stars that War didn’t decide to sub for math…because who knows how he would embellish that. Maybe he’d just show Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land and go hang out in the teacher’s lounge for 45 minutes.