Hi-ho, Iofur, away!

Posted Sat, 08/29/2009 by Dave in response to Your Sub Mr. War

I’m at a loss to explain why War seems to be the most employable of the horsemen. Needless to say this doesn’t actually mean he’s qualified, or that he takes his job seriously. I also can never tell when I’m writing the “Your Sub Mr. War” comics if he’s serious about what he tells the kids or not.

The last panel is a loving in-joke to Team Badger, the D&D group that I DM’ed and Joe played in for two years. An early badger had, as an NPC, a professor and researcher whose name I promptly forgot after declaring it, and who was dubbed by the party “Professor McStairwell.” As for the robot kraken navy, that would be the fictional navy of Cyre, in D&D’s Eberron campaign setting.