No, my Death Knight doesn’t have that title.

Posted Mon, 10/12/2009 by Joe

Is it wrong to be more concerned with being able to play as a goblin than with the world basically exploding? No? Didn’t think so. The warlock in Panel 2 is none other than my good friend Chris. I imagine that would be his reaction to a real-life Cataclysm, as well.

Today’s comic, as you may notice, is a little different than normal. I decided to do the strip as an experimental entry in the World of Warcraft comic contest. Sadly, the time investment in doing a color strip like this is far too prohibitive at the moment. Perhaps someday I’ll tone my Wacom arm to the point where I can crank things out like this at a reasonable rate. Regardless, hope you enjoy the strip!

Oh, and I promise we aren’t turning into a gaming comic. We’ve gotten a good bit of that out of our system, so look forward to some more hilarious non-sequitors later in the week.

Coming Wednesday: to Catch a Goldfarmer

Posted Mon, 10/12/2009 by Dave

I had very little to do with this one (as I have never played WoW)–so I’ll just say it looks hella awesome and be done, I suppose! Help pass this one on, comrades–Diggs, Facebook sharing…anything helps.