Guess he took the “Iron Stomach” feat

Posted Fri, 10/09/2009 by Dave in response to No Such Thing

In this second part of my continuing series, I continue to pontificate on how best to bludgeon to death a beholder using a trombone (protip: hit it until it dies). Some of you may object to how War’s holding a trombone in panel 1–namely because if he’s holding it by the slide, wouldn’t it just fly off and clobber the monster? I argue, yes it would, but that’s sort of the ranged version of the trombone attack, and is part of why it’s such an efficacious instrument for dungeon-delving. The standard battle trombone, I reason, has to have some mechanism to lock the slide in place–and not a standard slide lock, I’m imagining a very heavy duty, well-machined part here. Heck, the whole thing should probably be made out of something other than plain old brass, if you’re going to be hitting things with it. Please leave any additional thoughts about battle-trombones in our comments. Also feel free to outline your thoughts on related brass weaponry, such as the battle euphonium or the battle contrabass.

Oh! And the rest of the comic. So yes, here’s how the whole dungeon thing works–it goes beyond “kill thing with a skull on it, get some furniture”–evidently it can change entire rooms…perhaps even fundamentally alter the nature of the apartment! I think the Horsemen will be taking their lunch break throughout next week so we can lay off the dungeon-delving for a short while, but there’s more to come up this avenue of comedy. It’s the gag that keeps on giving!

Actually, the gag that keeps on giving is probably War’s hat in that costume. Man. I love doing this comic. See you Monday.

I’d hope War would know better than that, Dave

Posted Fri, 10/09/2009 by Joe in response to No Such Thing

Beholders. I hates dem.

Seriously, folks. My DnD experiences with these one-eyed monsters have been nothing but blood, sweat and heartbreak. Whether they’re one-shotting my beloved Frostbound Celestial Dire Badgers with rays of dispel magic or denying my lava elemental druid attacks of opportunity, it’s always a no-win scenario.