Ted rolls 20s

Posted Mon, 08/17/2009 by Dave in response to Of Minis And Punching

We follow up one good comic where War gets the punchline (no pun intended) with another comic of the same–a one-two punch, if you would (yes, pun now intended, send in the hate mail). Somehow Death is able to pull off the bow-and-quiver-of-arrows look rather competently, whereas Ted’s outfit would be much improved if he’d just put on his wizard robe to match the hat.

This is yet another instance of us tiptoeing around the nature of Death’s job…two years of writing this comic and I’m still not sure how I’d like to depict Death at work. Terry Pratchett had a good way of doing it but our Death simply isn’t the same character, so it wouldn’t work. Neil Gaiman’s Death is equally interesting but again, very different from ours. Maybe if enough fans nag me I’ll finally tackle the issue. EDIT: Maybe if we get fans I’ll finally tackle the issue.