It’s time for a big announcement!

Posted Fri, 7/02/2010 by Dave

As I’m sure you all know, Joe and I put a lot of effort into improving Apartment 4H and growing its readership. It’s been a real labor of love for us the past three years, and since we’ve taken our comic online, we’ve grown artistically more than ever. Unfortunately, we’ve felt that our audience numbers and ad revenues have lagged behind our dreams for the comic. So, in an effort to expand our audience while maintaining that trademark sense of humor you’ve come to know us for, today is the start of our new approach to the comic! Welcome to the new Apartment 4H!

Here’s the plan: to become a gag-a-day, single-panel strip continuing in the rich heritage of American newspaper funnies like Marmaduke and Family Circus. We’re tapping into a creative well that’s provided humor for millions of readers over decades of publication! With any luck, dear readers, we hope to be syndicated my a major features group by this time next year. Stick with us! We’re only getting better from here on out!

A Long Time Coming

Posted Fri, 7/02/2010 by Joe

I’m thrilled to echo Dave’s sentiments in ushering in the new Apartment 4H!

As he said, we’ve come along way since the beginning, artistically, but I really had hit a slump. Doing those Machismo comics a few weeks back proved to me once and for all that there’s no hope down that road. So since then, I’ve been studying the masters during my lunch breaks, the comic artists whose work I most respect and admire. Brad Anderson, Chip Sansom, and of course, Bill Keane. I think I did their work justice with this first offering. Please leave some criticism in the comments!