The Perils of Breakfast

Posted Wed, 6/30/2010 by Dave

I saw an article about comic panels depitcting both cause and effect on BoingBoing the other day. I thought it seemed like a pretty cool idea–the second comment on the BoingBoing link in particular resonated with me (and my inner psychology student), noting that people don’t think about information in terms of parts, but as the whole. I seemed to recall learning about such a thing in college.

So I passed it along to Joe, and we decided it would be a fun experiment to test our ability to write and draw. Today’s the product. We hope you enjoy.

Get it? Toast? Jammed?

Posted Wed, 6/30/2010 by Joe

It’s curious what we decide to keep with us, sometimes.

Also, have I mentioned my crippling fear of toasters recently?