I suppose you could dump the body in a port-a-john…

Posted Thu, 09/03/2009 by Dave in response to Spring Cleaning Part 2

I mean, sure, she only had one appearance, but her track record as a whole is on par with Marvel Comic’s Grasshopper heroes. Really, the motivation for this joke is in part, “oh, ha ha, Conquest is so neglectful!” but the other half is, “she appeared in the comic in the background, once…could we get more mileage out of her? She is a girl, and you know how we need more of those!”

Rest assured, readers, we’ll bring you more Mail Order Bride…we know how you’re clamoring for it.

Some Sweet Day

Posted Thu, 09/03/2009 by Joe in response to Spring Cleaning Part 2

Just think, Dave. Some day, we can say that in a non-ironic way!