[pictogram of a man in a pith helmet?]

Posted Mon, 11/30/2009 by Dave

Ah, the Mail Order Bride (she does have a real name–more on that later this week, perhaps, but in all the scripts she’s just MOB). The bride is certainly one of the stranger characters. She was originally a throwaway joke, then a callback gag, then a recurring background character. And this week, she makes a break for equal footing with Theodore Roosevelt as recurring secondary character! At this rate, inside of four years we’ll have to rename the comic after her.

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No, not here! Further down!

Posted Mon, 11/30/2009 by Joe

Mail Order Bride is, as Dave said, one of our more intriguing characters. Hell, even I don’t know much about her. For you convenience, I’ve summarized every important character trait I’m aware of.

1.) She is from somewhere in Eastern Europe.
2.) She died once.
3.) She is fiercely loyal to Conquest, for nor discernible reason.
4.) Conquest seems to completely ignore her, to the point of not noticing item 2.
5.) She has a great fashion sense. It is unknown if Conquest has anything to do with this.