In Jaws We Trust

Posted Fri, 6/18/2010 by Dave

I would love to see this movie made. If The Expendables can get a bunch of A++ list actors, then certainly this film can get a decent mix of plain As, A minuses, and some Bs in there.

After some additional discussion with one of the assistant creative team members, here’s a shortlist of some other stars who’d at least deserve cameos, if not supporting roles: Harrison Ford, Christopher Waltz, Ewan McGregor, Matthew Morrison, Gina Torres…but not, under any circumstances, Jay Leno (disqualification by chin:jaw ratio). Please share some epic jaws of your own.

Master Masticators

Posted Fri, 6/18/2010 by Dave

The plot could hinge around a slew of unsolved murders in a seaside resort town. The audience will never see the shocking final revelation coming… UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE!