Coming soon to a stadium near you

Posted Sun, 08/30/2009 by Dave in response to Sick Days Part 3

Logically, having the embodiment of plague and illness as one of your roommates would make it pretty easy to con them into never being ill again. And when it turns out they’re particularly bad at poker (probably because they don’t have thumbs) you can swindle your way to perpetual healthiness!

That’s our buddy Pete making a guest appearance there in panel 1…hi Pete! I seem to recall having a devil of a time coming up with something for Ted to have missed in panel 1. We knew the dialogue was going to be along the lines of “you missed the…” and then were stuck when it came time to generate a ridiculous event. Caber toss? Woolsack races? Ferret legging? Or we could just join three words that barely fit together into an incomprehensible event of epic proportions and egg whites.