Wait, I thought it was Luftwaffle…

Posted Mon, 09/07/2009 by Dave in response to Crumbelievable Guest Strip

Every spring the Cavalier Daily does a parody issue, and the comic artists swap comics and riff on someone else. We traded off with Gassmann and Marcus, authors of Crumbelievable (which changed names several time over the course of its run, intentionally trying to confuse the reading populace). Their comics, almost strictly dialogues, featured character stereotypes entirely unrelated to the topic of discussion. For example, Freud and Robocop discussing those comic books where Garfield was a superhero, or Spider-Man and Batman discussing public nudity. They also had a wildly popular series of comics featuring the Prophet Muhammad–or rather, not featuring him, the joke was that in a given comic at least one panel would be censored, and the circumstances of the other two would hinge on that censored panel being invisible to the reader.

We loved their work.

The one other thing they were known for was hate towards the Jefferson Society, a debate society at Virginia that’s…well, snooty, to say the least. So we ran with it. It was less a pure parody comic than a riff on their style as a whole, but they were pleased and so were we.

By Mine Hand

Posted Mon, 09/07/2009 by Joe in response to Crumbelievable Guest Strip

On the grounds of stylistic accuracy, I also hand-lettered this strip. Now you all can be extra thankful that we use computer-generated fonts.