Destruction is in vogue

Posted Fri, 4/16/2010 by Dave

Born from a conversation about Evangelion, which Joe has seen and I have not.

I had a lot of fun trying to explain to Joe how I envisioned the robot in this comic. I used phrases including “a slinky evening wear robot, something you can wear out to a nice dinner,” and “Something that says ‘I’m a mecha for the practical, yet stylish woman–a mecha with timeless design and enough sensibly configured firepower to level a small country.'” I like doing this comic.

Neon Shoppinglist

Posted Fri, 4/16/2010 by Joe

Eva was a big part of my youth. Which… may explain a lot. I’ve dubbed the model represented here “Eva Unit 10 – Consumer Type.”

I also couldn’t help but think back to one of our previous strips while making this one, in which Pestilence makes the wise observation that “Robots can’t be girls!