Sick burn in a pastoral setting!

Posted Mon, 08/17/2009 by Dave in response to Polyptych

Scott McCloud! We love Scott and his work. He actually stopped by UVa the year before Joe and I started doing our comic, part of his family’s 50 states tour, and damn, does that man have a grasp of how to put together a slideshow. I then proceeded to cite the hell out of him during a presentation I did on webcomics. Joe has a couple of his critical works, but my own tastes run towards Zot!, which is perhaps less known but comes highly recommended. The writing is quality throughout, but one issue in particular really struck me as a masterstroke of writing. It uses a bit of a gimmick, but that’s not to say it isn’t a powerful thing–I won’t tell you any more, in part because you’ll know it when you read it (but mostly because the book was a library acquisition and Wikipedia/Google aren’t helping my search).