He signed for Ted and everything

Posted Wed, 3/3/2010 by Dave

You know, it has been an awful long while since we’ve seen Ted…glad someone finally realized he’s been MIA and tried to find him. Of course, the revelation that Ted’s been kidnapped will inevitably lead to an ill-advised rescue mission. I relish the chance to write such a thing.

Joe comes into town (my town, that is) this weekend–expect a report on the revelry with minimal interruption of our comic schedule. Hopefully, actually being in the same place for once will lead to abundant ideas on how to entertain you this year. See you Friday!


Posted Wed, 3/3/2010 by Joe

That sounds like work, Doc. No guarantees, people.

Once again, I find myself in the position of having to thank Adam Warren for his artistic contributions to today’s strip. Thanks to him I have literally DOZENS of references for ball gags.