Pointy, yet irresistable

Posted Mon, 3/1/2010 by Dave

Yakitori, for the uninitiated, are a kind of Japanese kebab–and thought I have yet to try them, I assume they are delicious.

I wrote a bit more detail than would ever make it into this comic–this is the first time we’ve seen Enigma’s apartment, and certainly not the last, so here’s how I described it to Joe as he went about his art-making.

“Enigma’s apartment aesthetic (we may not see much of it at all but I figure it’s important to know what it looks like) is similar to a Japanese apartment in an American-sized space. That is—tidy, great economy of space, low furniture yet full cooking range, probably a couch (do the Japanese use couches?). Wall decorations include mounted weaponry, wall scrolls and probably movie posters for Mughal e-Cell and SIGMUND, if we want to get all self-referential.”

“That’s My Ninja,” the hilarious new sitcom coming this Spring to ABC.

Posted Mon, 3/1/2010 by Joe

I often ponder the deeper implications of the relationship between Death and Enigma. In an entirely different, more Alan Moore-ish spin on our little comedy strip, it would likely be a deeply psychological pairing, with some mature bits on the side.

As things exist in their current form, though, it must be awfully convenient for Enigma, in that she can do her flirty / killy bit all she wants with no fear of doing any actual harm. I imagine Death is flattered, really.

And, hey! Enigma has slightly different hair and a new Underarmor jersey! Chah-chah-chan-ges! How far the two of them have come since their first meeting. Now if I could only figure out something for War to wear other than a wife respecter…