And what a year it has been!

Posted Mon, 8/30/2010 by Dave

It truly does seem like yesterday that Apartment 4H, newly renamed, launched on to the internet. In the year since, we’ve gone from pencil art to digital ink, have expanded the size of our comics, have done some exciting new arcs and have introduced some new characters and concepts that we expect will continue providing material for a long time to come. And what do you know, we even managed to sell a t-shirt and grow our audience a little!

I’d be remiss not to give a heartfelt thanks to you, the readers, many of whom have stuck with us since our Cavalier Daily days. It’s kind of cliche to say that the fans make it worth it, but it’s also absolutely true–your comments, the ideas you’ve shared, and the times that you’ve served as sounding boards for comic ideas have kept us going, even when we’ve sat around wondering how in the world we used to do a five-a-week schedule and not fail all our classes.

Here’s to an awesome second year! And if you’d like to give us an internet anniversary present, tell a friend we exist! Or heck, just leave a comment telling us about a strip you’ve loved–we’ve never really asked what everyone’s favorites are!