Paradigm shift

Posted Sun, 08/30/2009 by Dave in response to Speed Dating Part 3

This is our first (and as of August, 2009, our only) double-tall comic. The Cav Daily let us get away with this one (there was plenty of space on the page that was otherwise being taken up by ads begging for new comic artists) but then wouldn’t let us do another for fear of implied favoritism. I think they were mostly worried about being seen as desperate for content…which in my experiences with various CD departments, they usually are.

Enigma finally makes her grand appearance, Death catches on fire (again, apparently that’s how he powers up. Awesome!), and GLaDOS from Portal gets cruelly rejected in the first panel. I really wonder what Enigma was going to finish her remark in panel 5 with–hopefully not “kill all the other speed daters,” because boy, her face would be red.