Just don’t ask where the turkeys got it

Posted Mon, 3/15/2010 by Dave

Well, evidently Ted managed to avoid permanent physical harm–how, you ask? Well, it has been established that the boys know a talented, if somewhat unhinged doctor. Come to think of it, lately Ted’s life has been a grisly series of injurious events at the hands of the horsemen…perhaps he should draw up some sort of roommate contract, because this grievous bodily harm thing has just got to stop.

As I walk through the valley…

Posted Mon, 3/15/2010 by Joe

I realize that my bandage placement and unusually round glasses makes Ted look suspiciously like Image comics super-teen Invincible. Ah, well! Unintentional tribute.

For the chemically uninitiated, here’s the relevant reading for the compounds-of-the-day, Trypotphan and Sodium Pentathol.