nooooo they be stealin mah island

Posted Wed, 09/23/2009 by Dave in response to LOL Terature 3

We knew for a long time we wanted to do another Lolterature, and we knew we wanted to take a stab at Don Quixote…but man! This one was tough to script. If it wasn’t for Kanye, we probably wouldn’t have gotten it pushed out. I suppose the problem is that while Don Quixote is a really iconic work, it’s also a lot harder to mock because the source material is all about poking fun at a particular man, social class, etc. 1984, Lord of the Flies…those are easy picking! Just as long as we never have to Lolteraturize Candide.

Suggestions for the next Lolterature? Post ’em in the comments! Be aware it’s probably not going to happen this year…but we love planning for the future.