Or maybe he’s singing a beautiful aria

Posted Sun, 1/9/2010 by Dave

So we initially decided to do the “meet the cast” strips in the Cav Daily for a number of reasons:
1. People were still confused about our characters.
2. Readership drops on Fridays so we didn’t want to waste good jokes.
3. We were kind of lazy.

We did decide, however, to go out with a joke cast member–Screaming Bowtie Guy. He shows up from time to time whenever we need…well, a screaming civilian. First in Broverfield, then in the drive through of Seppuku Burger, and still later as a victim of some ork lootin’. I’m pretty sure there’s one or two more appearances I can’t think of just now…maybe fill them out for me in the comments, if you know.

The “hairy man-ape” would be Chimbo, from Wondertwins Balboa/Great Ideas, by our friend and former editor Thomas Lynch. Take a bow, Thomas. Take a bow, Chimbo.