Based on a True Story

Posted Sun, 09/06/2009 by Joe in response to Today, At The A School

I think I’m going to pre-empt Dave and write about these on my own. (Scandal!)

During our final semester, I decided to expand my personal comic repertoire by doing some short, quick “slice of life” strips independently. And of course, since most of my life was spent at the school of architecture during my UVA years, what better source of inspiration! Every “TatAS” (dear lord, what a terrible acronym) was drawn and edited as soon as suitably comedic material presented itself. The strips themself were quite relaxing, and gave me an outlet to really experiment with different styles and methods of hatching. Since these comics also took a fraction of the time to make as 4H, Dave and I published the first 10 for one week as a little pre-finals break.

In regards to this particular strip, yes, I did in fact render a 3-D Pestilence in Maya rather than doing coursework. If nothing else, it can be said of Joe Medwid that he has his priorities straight.