Smooth criminal

Posted Sun, 10/18/2009 by Dave

So Conquest was influenced in no small part by our friend Rob, who to me is the embodiment of the word “savvy.” Snappy dresser, quick talker, good at thinking on his feet, can plan well and see it come together…Conquest in a nutshell.

Conquest has also been influenced by generations of people who will push the button not because it says “don’t push” and not because they want to see what it does, but because they want to see how other people will react. If Conquest were a Batman villain, he’d be the Joker. He’s naturally successful at pretty much everything, and finds amusement in interacting with everyone else. On the two-axis alignment system used in D&D, Conquest is probably chaotic neutral, but he’s the sort of chaotic neutral that actually gets stuff done. I don’t even know if it’s possible to build a reliably chaotic neutral empire but he would if he could.

The thing that intrigues me most is that Conquest is the achiever–if there’s anyone who’s going to pull through at the last minute, saving everyone else’s bacon, it’s Conquest. Because of this, and all of the above reasons, I really do have to reign in my desire to write for him. Conquest’s voice is the most natural of all the horsemen to me, and his character seems to insinuate itself into nearly every strip I write. I’m not sure what this says about my inner muse.