Those Czech hedgehogs had been in the basement forever

Posted Mon, 08/31/2009 by Dave in response to The Move Part 1

What a big step! Our first new comic since leaving the Cavalier Daily and the horsemen seem to be in dire straits as far as housing is concerned…where will this drama go? How will it end? (Hopefully soon!). Rest assured that the horsemen will find a place to call home, Ted will continue to be a part of their lives, and everyone will joyously discover that Ted’s Corinthian costume is in a box somewhere that will take forever to find.

Also be forewarned, we’ll be trying out some new stuff with comic heights and possibly widths, and will be experimenting with text bubbles for at least a few more strips until we find something we like. The shackles of print demands are off, dear reader, and we’re running wild!