Posted Thu, 08/27/2009 by Dave in response to Comic War Part 1

The comic war is one of my few fond memories of our first year of being published in the Cavalier Daily. The strike and subsequent early retirement of almost all the senior comic staff had caused an influx of new blood to the page, some of which was talented, and some of which…decidedly wasn’t. A comic war in one form or another was a annual paper fixture, where the comics would take potshots at each other for a few days and try to prove they were funnier than everyone else, instead of just running old strips because they were too lazy to get off their asses or making potty humor jokes.

I should really try to hide my animosity for most of the Cavalier Daily strips better, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, the subject of this strip is Wondertwins Balboa, written and illustrated by one of our good friends and the editor of the page, Thomas. I still am a little foggy about how Thomas decided on that name, though his unrelenting obsession with Sylvester Stallone almost certainly had something to do with it.

I wonder if Joe intentionally drew War to resemble the soldier class from Team Fortress 2.