A Qdoba-related pun escapes me

Posted Wed, 08/12/2009 by Dave in response to Burrito Arms Race

Another of the very first ideas for 4H, the burrito arms race strip is one of our early favorites–and if I recall correctly, one of the few strips we re-ran voluntarily during out time at Virginia. We prided ourselves on putting out new strips five days a week for pretty much every print day of the two years our comic ran in the Cavalier Daily. Only a handful of times, due to illness or extreme workload, did we stoop to reruns, and then we were picky about what got the nod. The re-ran comic had to stand alone (i.e., a solo joke not standing in a continuity). The one-shot gag strips were an easy pick, and the sight gags (or almost sight gags) were the creme de la creme in that department.

Still waiting on BK to enter the arms race–since Wendy’s seems to have made a strong foray into the boutique chicken field to combat McD’s chicken selects, I think our guess is a decent one.