What doesn’t kill you…makes you miserable?

Posted Sat, 08/29/2009 by Dave in response to Sick Days Part 1

There are few things worse about college, in my opinion, than getting sick during exams. You’re far from home, there’s usually no one to take care of you, the work doesn’t stop just because you’re coughing up blood and bile…if you’ve survived through such a circumstance, you have my condolences. And if you haven’t, stock up on your orange juice.

I suspect if you blended a whole pineapple you’d get a smoothie that tasted strongly of husk (the proper setting on your food processor is “shred”). In this circumstance it may be a good thing, because Ted’s headed for a drink that tastes of Y-Quil.

Also, I think I noted it before, but Death’s here again being kind of a jerk about withholding relevant information about dying/mortal injury. Maybe Ted has some kind of disease that causes open sores on the skin–check out that shirt! Yuck!

Missed a Spot

Posted Sat, 08/29/2009 by Joe in response to Sick Days Part 1

That was just supposed to be the goop from the blender sloshing onto Ted. I hope I’m never given instructions to draw something as bad as open sores unless we’re doing some sort of Silent Hill parody. That raises the point, though… is Death’s hoodie possessed of properties that make it immune to mere mortal stains?