A little bit of history repeating

Posted Fri, 09/18/2009 by Dave in response to Status Quo

After all the twists and turns this new arc has taken, here’s your well-deserved, nice, concise conclusion, though for War, a tragic one (and for Conquest, a painful one!). Poor War–when we write Apartment 4H–The Musical! War will certainly get a solo to himself on the topic of how he’s constantly denied his headgear (tentatively titled “Someday My Helmet Will Come to Me”).

Now it’s time to get back into at least a week of one shots (maybe with a two-shot thrown in for good measure). Joe and I have worn out our arc-o-meters for now. Rest assured we have plenty of exciting twists and turns planned for the Horsemen in the future–arguably we’re in the best position idea-wise we’ve ever had! Join us Monday for all kinds of exciting non-sequiturs.

Rule 32: Enjoy the little things

Posted Fri, 09/18/2009 by Joe in response to Status Quo

Also, making it’s glorious re-appearance… War’s skull belt buckle!

…ok, it’s really only exciting for me, as the artist. But as a side note, expect lots more subtle visual references and details, now that we’ve settled on a nice tall aspect ratio for the comic.