I’m glad THAT’s over with.

Posted Fri, 7/09/2010 by Dave

Now look, my dear readers. I know you have a lot of questions. What happened this week? Was it for real? Was it trolling? Was it another of your deranged art experiments? Did War really have a hand in his sandwich? Did Ted really get eaten by the horsemen?

In short, it was about 30% art experiment, 50% trolling, and 20% hey, if we do this, we can be lazy and play it off as part of the gag. When we reveal their is a gag. And yes, it was a hand in the sandwich, and no, Ted’s alive and well in this wacky little world of ours.

So, we apologize for any confusion, we accept your gratitude for any mirth we may have caused, and we reiterate our firm commitment to never going into syndication, because we have seen the future ourselves. It is a dark, cannibal-haunted place.