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Posted Mon, 08/31/2009 by Dave

Greetings, visitors, and welcome to Apartment 4H. I’m Dave, the writer–our artist, Joe, is the other half of our two-man team. We’re thrilled you found your way here.

Apartment 4H is a comic about a regular guy, Ted, who has the four horsemen of the apocalypse move in as his roommates. Though as of today, that arrangement is up in the air…and will certainly develop more as we continue with our new updates! For more information take a look at our “About” and “Cast” pages, located either up top below the logo or to the right of this newspost.

We’re still working on the site almost constantly, trying to complete the transition from paper to web. I personally am writing my way through our 200+ comic backlog, giving some individual TLC to each one and explaining the creative inspiration and some of the more obscure jokes. So check out the archive, but also check back on the archive.

And most importantly, we’re now updating and trying to grow the comic! Please, if you see something you like, comment on it, forward it to a friend, anything you care to help get the word out. We’ll be updating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the foreseeable future, and love feedback.