We shall pay with credit. Imperial Credits.

Posted Mon, 2/14/2011 by Dave

This comic was conceived by (and to a large part, scripted ready-to-print by) Tim Gray, University of Virginia alumnus, former Washington Society secretary, and all around funny guy.

I also wish to state that in doing the research for this comic, the last pillars propping up my already sagging suspension of disbelief for the Star Wars universe collapsed completely. Because maybe, if they’d put more than double the number of TIE fighters on the Super Star Destroyer that’s twelve times as long as a normal one, there wouldn’t have been an A-wing to crash into the bridge in the first place! And don’t get me started on Kuat Drive Yards and their role in fostering this wanton irresponsibility through slipshod design. It has already brought my artistic collaboration with Joe to the breaking point. I cannot bear to be pressed farther.

A failure to communicate

Posted Mon, 2/14/2011 by Joe

Poor Moff. All he really wanted was a Sun Crusher.