An Update on Updates

Posted Wed, 4/6/2011 by Joe

Dear Friends,

Dave and I felt that you all deserved a bit of an explanation for our update schedule, or lack thereof, over the past month. It’s been an exciting time for Doc and I, tackling side-projects, going to SPACE, and in my case, getting ready for grad school! I’ve also been fortunate enough to finally find an abundance of employment, to the point of my unique W-2s approaching the double digits.

What that means, unfortunately, is that I have less time to devote to my many creative interest, among which 4H holds the scepter and sits on the throne. So for the foreseeable future, A4H must abandon its long-held tradition of M/W/F updates. We promise you at least one comic a week, and as always, will be notifying you via The Twitters, The Facebook, and whatever other ways we can think of. We appreciate your dedicated readership during these troubling times.

Keep Calm and Carry On,
– Joe D. Medwid